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{g7}Hey, {c}You
Don't be a{g}fraid,
hear this {d-}new
song and let us
{g}think about;
to take it into
your {g7}heart
and make it {g}
hear and make it
{c}possible to beat.

{g7}Hey, {c}yes,
it's a nice i{g}dea.
To read some {d-}
words and let them
{g}hear, but to {a-}
sing and write it's
much more {g7}
easy than to do
{g}realize and
make it {c}

{g7}I {c}know,
I'm far a{g}way
for sing and {d-}
write by time and
Ge{g}ography, but
to {a-}write can't be
only a {g7}Pleasure
to re{g}member and
write new listenable
{c}words, let's hear.

19/05/2015 & 08/01/2016

{To Paul McCartney}