Nature - Green, Yellow or White 

{d}Green Valley... let's try to {a}sing it now
that we {g}need a self-con{d}trol for {a}colours
of {g}our {d}country, no more {a}red or black without
the {g}colours of {d}'Nature - Green, {a}Yellow or White',
{g}spring & {d}summer time, {a}autumn & {g}winter {d}time!

Yes, we really {g}need not only {d}self-control for
the {a}colours of {g}our {d}country & will of {a}nature
for {g}our {d}health - Yes, do it, no more {a}red or black
without {g}colours of {d}nature for the {a}health of country
& the {g}rest of our {d}world: {a}Task & {g}Will of {d}Nature!

26/11/2013 & 06/12/2014

{Yes, Pascoli, no more colours of political parties only, like now yet}