di ciò che ho scritto, suono e canto...

{a-d7g7}We have
to sing it now {c}differently
this year{a-d7g7}: children and
petals a big {c}difference{a-d7g7} -
but the big Nations yet not like {c}You,
{a-}Petalous {d7}Smart Way to {g7}Be!
'Why then?' Hey - World Refugee Day,
you, is that ok? 'Sure! We have to sing
it {c}now{a-d7g7}, that all next futures
need Environment & Human Rights
Days - without refugees so, but
the ability to be all together!'
{ca-d7g7} Ok, Matthew,
thanks... let me try to
sing this now{ca-d7g7}
by the meaning of musical
Reaction {c}Policy necessity.


{To All Refugees, UNICEF & UNO}


{g7}The Petalous
smart way to {c}be.{a-d7g7}
Do you now that even a {c}boy
can create a new a{d7}djective
at school? That's it - little boy
Matthew Found did it with
his {g7}teacher in Italian
school: "peta{c}loso"{a-
d7g7}, and didn't exist in
vocabulary; yes, this is it,
the {f}smart {g7}way to {c}
be{a-d7g7}, childhood. Like
natural intelligence of flowers,
"tanti petali è peta{c}loso"{a-d7
g7}and a lot of petals: {f}petalous
{g7}smart way to {c}be...{a-d7g7c}

22/03/2016 & 17/05/2016

{Grazie Matteo Trovò}


of our {g7}heart
and mind, {f}feelings
of our {g7}ears and eyes.
I{f}magine how {g7}all could
be, if {f}thoughts would be like
{g7}music - imagin{f}ations of a
{g7}wonderful world for every{f}
body here, {g7}listening some
words of {f}Freedom instead

of {g7}politics - Yes, we {c}
know{a-d7g7} since a {c}
lot de{a-}cades that {d7}
music is {g7}different...
of our {c}heart and
feelings of our
{a-}ears and
how {g7}all
could be, if {f}
all would be like
{g7}music... Yeah,
soon it will {c}be!{fc}


{Step by step by UNO}


{d}Zum Geburtstag
viel {a}Glück, zum Gebur...
viel {d}Glück, zum Geburtstag
lieber {g}Rico, zum Ge{d}burtstag
{a}viel {d}Glück! Here we are: happy
birthday to {a}you, happy birthday to {d}
you, happy birthday, dear {g}Rico, happy
{d}birthday {a}to {d}you! And now Americo:
tanti auguri a {a}te, tanti auguri a {d}te, tanti
auguri ni{g}pote, tanti au{d}guri {a}a {d}noi...



Il flauto}
ya u{g7}pendo
{ia upendo}
kwa uzuri {d7}wote
{qua usuri uote}
per tutta la bellezza}
na wema wa du{g7}nia!
{na uema ua dunìa!
e bontà del mondo!}
{d7g7d7g7}. Na u{d7}pendo
              {Na Upendo
               E Amando}
wema wote uweze{g7}kano wa
{uema uote uvezechano ua
tutte le probabili bontà di}
moyo na a{d7}kili filimbi na gitaa
{moio na achili filimbi na ghitah
cuore e mente flauto e chitarra}
{g7d7g7}upendo du{d7}nia!{g7d7}
 {upendo dunìa!
         amando il mondo!}


{A Grace e Save the Children in
Uganda, a Fred e Yves in Congo
in attesa di Amnesty International}


Step by Step
Namely what?
{d7}Let us hear.
Well, you have to
{g7}write it before.
Sure, but even with
my gui{d7}tar for the
will of a new musical
{g7}poem, sir. Ok, let
us go on and step by
{d7}step, how it was
since a lot of years,
but in {g7}different
mood now.{d7g7}
Yes, so it is, ok.
Don't {c}worry,
be in ac{a-}tivity,
then {d7}that is the
only way to go {g7}on.
{c}Do it, {a-}do it{d7g7},
{c}your way, {a-}my way.
{d7g7} Then {c}that is the
{a-}only way {d7}to {g7}go
{c}on.{a-d7g7} Namely {c}
what?{a-d7g7c} Our way!



{d}In Other
words, so we
need even then
the sensi{g7}tivity
of our hearts and
In other words
Again Even a
in Love of Body &
Mind yet{ca-d7g7},
and in other words
again to {c}sing it
yet, how lovely it
can {a-}be to fall
in {d7}love again,
{g7cd7g7}and last
words yet to our {d}
feelings of listenable
voice & guitar{g7d}...

21 & 22/01/2016

{But this just a voice}


{g7}Une chanson
d'a{c}mour, un essai.
D'accord alors, le voilà!
Et oui, {g7}on peut même
chan{c}ter ce qu'on a dans
le {a-}couer et même d'autre
{d7}part{g7}... mais aussi bien
que savoir, si même par {c}elle
{a-d7g7}... autrement, chanteur,
ce n'est pas pos{c}sible.{a-d7g7
ca-d7g7}Mais bien sûr que c'est
pos{c}sible{a-d7g7}... on peut le
chanter malgré {c}tout{a-d7g7}!
D'accord, mon coeur, merci{c}.



{d7g7} For {c}what
then? {a-d7g7}For
{c}everything, my
{a-}keyword {d7}
of to{g7}morrow
and {c}everyday.
{a-d7g7}Then {c}
this will {a-}be yet
the {d7}pleasure to
{g7}be still {c}here -
{a-d7g7} and a nice
{c}pleasure even to
{a-}say that it will be
{d7}different than yet:
no more as it {g7}was
in the past{ca-d7g7}...
Very nice to {c}hear it,
{a-}keyword of to{d7}
morrow & {g7}future.
Even to {c}you, today
& to{a-}morrow{d7g7c}.

17/01 & 18/01/2016

{A Gianfranco, Petronilla e Simona}


{d-}Hey, Mr. {g7}Submarine
Man, {c}play this song for {a-}me,
I'm still {d-}waiting... And there {g7}is
no place I'm {c}going to, {d-}hey, mr. {g7}
Submarine Man, {c}play this song for {a-}me,
in a {d-}jingle jangle {g7}valley I'll come followin'
{c}you. {d-}Although I know that {g7}mountains yet
{c}are between you and {a-}me and {d7}one is called
{g7}Mrs. Tambour{c}ine - {d-}Hey, Mrs. {g7}Tambourine
Mountain, {c}hear this song for {a-}me, I'm still {d-}waiting
and there {g7}is no place I'm {c}going to... {d-}Hey, Mrs. {g7}
Tambourine Mountain, {c}what about to {a-}say that a {d-}jingle
jangle {g7}valley & ocean are followin' {c}you?{a-d-g7c} Thanks!

24/05/2015 & 06/06/2016

{And many thanks to Dylan, Sinatra, Dalla and to Apuan 'Tambura'}


{g7}Hey, {c}You
Don't be a{g}fraid,
hear this {d-}new
song and let us
{g}think about;
to take it into
your {g7}heart
and make it {g}
hear and make it
{c}possible to beat.

{g7}Hey, {c}yes,
it's a nice i{g}dea.
To read some {d-}
words and let them
{g}hear, but to {a-}
sing and write it's
much more {g7}
easy than to do
{g}realize and
make it {c}

{g7}I {c}know,
I'm far a{g}way
for sing and {d-}
write by time and
Ge{g}ography, but
to {a-}write can't be
only a {g7}Pleasure
to re{g}member and
write new listenable
{c}words, let's hear.

19/05/2015 & 08/01/2016

{To Paul McCartney}


{g7}ma non troppo.
{c}Dimmi{a-d7g7}... Lo
{c}sai che per {a-}migliorare
si {d7}deve {g7}cambiare vera{c}
mente{a-d7g7}, o non {c}va{a-d7g7}.
E lo {c}so{a-d7g7}, ma non {c}tutti {a-}
lo de{d7}siderano{g7}... e sopra{c}ttutto
{a-}quelli che si {d7}sa, chi{g7}tarra... ma

per{c}ché?{a-d7g7ca-d7g7} Eh, ci sta che
non siano {c}moderati{a-d7g7}... ma troppo
{c}lenti per poter {a-}, o soprattutto {d7}voler
cambiare ciò che si {g7}può cambiare, {c}se
non impedito o {a-}trascurato per mo{d7}tivi
assai {g7}noti{ca-d7g7d7g7}, ma non {c}più
da {a-}sempre, per {d7}sempre a{g7}desso:
{d7}moderato, {g7}ma non troppo, {c}grazie!

17/05/2015 & 11/01/2016


Granelli Musicali (5)

16/05/2015 - Moderato - cdefedc - {Ma davvero}


lontano il {c}mare.
{a-d7g7}Ma per{c}chè?
{a-d7g7}Via D'Azeglio, 3{c}3,
{a-d7g7}trent'anni {c}fa, purtroppo.
{a-d7g7}. Quanto è lontano e profondo
il {c}mare{a-d7g7} - Per quei tan{c}tissimi
mo{a-}tivi, sia pa{d7}ssati che fu{g7}turi.
{g7}Quant'è lontano il {c}mare{a-d7g7}.
Ma cosa possiamo {c}fare?{a-d7g7}
Conti{c}nuare a cantare e {a-}dire
ciò {d7}che possiamo {g7}fare
per {c}migliorare{a-d7g7} -
Così mi disse {c}Dalla,
quando la{a-}sciai

03/05/2015 & 09/01/2016

{Camminare e volare pensando e cantando}


Granelli Musicali (4)

24/04/2015 - Differenze - dadef - {Tra un Parla(ma)mento e un piano(e)forte musicale}


{d}'sta valle è
la {g}tua, 'sta valle
la {d}mia, tra A{a}puane
e Appe{d}nnino, da Minu{g}
cciano a Castel{d}vecchio, nella
{a}Valle del Bello e del Buono, sia per
{g}te che per {d}me - John Pascoli, thanks.
This Planet is {g}your Land, this Planet is {d}my
Land, from {a}rainy days to {d}Ocean, from {g}there
then to {d}Nature, {a}Sun is {g}made for you and {d}me!

14/04/2015 - {Many thanks to Woody Guthrie and Sunshine}


Granelli Musicali (3)

18/03/2015 - È così? Sì - ca-d7g7c - {Granelli di chiare domande e risposte}


{c}Yes, I {a-}know
{d7g7}Tell me {c}what.
{a-d7g7}That you {c}know
that I {a-}know{d7g7} - What?
{ca-d7g7}This is {c}it{a-d7g7}, the
{c}reason {a-}why I {d7}get some {g7}
strange phone calls{ca-d7g7}. But {c}why?
{a-d7g7}How I {c}told{a-d7g7}, I {c}know that
you {a-}know that I {d7}know what {g7}you don't
{c}know{a-d7g7}, that's all, Call{ca-d7g7c}, thanks.



Granelli Musicali (2)

24/02/2015 - Bene, agire, dire - bagdag - {Anche con ineffabile chiarimento musicale}


{d7}E lo so
e lo so che lo
fa{g7}rò - e lo
{d7}so - lo so
che lo fa{g7}
rò - Tell me
Yes, I
to do that
what you can
hear {d7}now, yes,
even if it's not {g7}paid,
like at {d7}school, in French:
{g7ca-d7g7c}'Trois esquim{a-}
os...' {c}Just the {a-}pleasure
to {d7}be {g7}still {c}here.
{a-d7g7c}Thanks, still
{a-}unpaid {d7}song
{g7}writer. {c}Why?
{a-d7g7}I don't {c}
know, let us {a-}hear,
Sam & La{d7}redo.{g7c}


{Just my camcorder and my guitar}


Granelli Musicali (1)

21/01 & 19/02/2015 - Da C minore a B - c-ba-gd7g - {E con il piacere di ricominciare e continuare ABC del pianoforte}


{d}How Can Be
the {g}relief of your
{a}soul? Good perhaps
if you can ex{g}plain to me
what or {a}how can be a relief
of {g}Heart and his {d}Brain in a
{a}poem or a {g}song or in {a}any
spoken {g}words or drawings be{d}
fore. See, think about, {g}feel, hear
and {a}do... at work, let's do it... {d}
Yes - {a}already clear thing about
is ex{g}actly that what you're {d}
doing... to give your {a}singing
answer {g}to my {d}question.
Just a moment. I am still {a}
feeling & hearing... still no
{g}answer - No, so it is{d}:
Feel, Hear and {g}Do what
you {a}see & {d}think about.
Even to {a}hear Feelings are
{g}answers to Hart & {d}Brain.
{a}Thank you, {g}my Gui{d}tar.

23/12/2014 & 18/01/2015


{a-}Luna e
(2)... Dimmi...
un attimo, era
più dif{c}ficile
{d7}che can-
{g7}tarci. {c
che {c}dici,
non {c}hai
mai sen{a-}
tito le {d7}api
al{g7}lora che
{c}Suonano da
{a-}4 mi{d7}lioni
e {g7}mezzo d'{c}
anni {a-}già{d7g7}.
Ma {d7}come {g7}
no, ma è che non
{c}fanno {a-}quel
bac{d7}cano che
{g7}fate {c}voi{a-
d7g7} - Ma sono
così anch'io?{c
a-d7g7} Un po'
meno e sei dell'
{c}Ape {a-}anche
{d7}tu {g7}Toro{ca-
d7g7c}. Grazie Sole.
{a-d7g7c} Welcome!

18/12 & 20/12/2014


{c}Mira la tierra
Historia {a-}mira la
tierra, mira la {d7}tierra,
historia {g7} mira la tierra...
Yo soy un {c}hombre sincero
de donde {a-}crece el verde, y
mismo el {d7}blanco y quiero tu
{g7}sabes que el mundo... El {c}
mundo no crece, historia el {a-}
mundo no crece... el mundo no
{d7}crece, historia el {g7}mundo
no crece. Mi {c}verso es muy triste
mas mismo {a-}triste verdad y antes
de {d7}continuar quiero echar mis {g7}
versos del alma. {c}Mira la tierra, historia
{a-}mira la tierra, mira la {d7} tierra, historia
{g7}mira la tierra. Cul{c}tivo las letras  como
{a-}otros la tierra para el a{d7}migo sincero
que me da su {g7}sinceridad... {c}Mira la
tierra, historia {a-}mira la tierra, mira la
{d7}tierra, historia {g7}mira la tierra.
Y para los {c}crueles que arrancan
el cora{a-}zón con que vivo paciencia
ni {d7}respeto cultivo... cultivo {g7}letras
sobre el blanco... {c}Mira la tierra, historia
{a-}mira la tierra, mira la {d7}tierra, historia
{g7}mira la tierra... Y sa{c}bemos de un pesar
profundo entre {a-}muchas penas con nombres,
la esclavi{d7}tud de la vida en mucha {g7}parte do
mundo; sabes que el {c}mundo no crece, historia el
{a-}mundo no crece, el mundo no {d7}crece, historia
el {g7}mundo no crece. Con los {c}pobres de la tierra
quiero a mis {a-}letras echar... amor de la {d7}vida me
complace {g7}más que el mal; {c}mira la tierra, historia
{a-}mira la tierra, mira la {d7}tierra, historia {g7}mira la
tierra, y {c}gracias por {g7}Martí, Angulo y {c}Seeger!

14/11/2014 & 07/01/2016

{Guantanamera è il titolo di una canzone popolare cubana
di grande fama internazionale, le cui origini risalgono al XIX secolo.
La serenata dedicata a tempo di bolero ad una "guajira guantanamera"
("contadina di Guantánamo" città), ha come sfondo le lotte di indipendenza
che infiammavano la colonia spagnola alla fine del XIX secolo. Il suo carattere
romantico unito ai valori patriottici ne fanno una delle canzoni più amate di Cuba.
Questa poesia fu adattata dal musicista cubano Héctor Angulo, allievo di Orbón,
che in seguito la fece conoscere a Pete Seeger. E lui la portò a fama mondiale
facendola registrare e conoscere in seguito a nome Martí, Angulo e Seeger.

José Martí, "Versos Sencillos":

Yo soy un hombre sincero
De donde crece la palma
Y antes de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma.

Mi verso es de un verde claro
Y de un carmín encendido,
Mi verso es un ciervo herido,
Que busca en el monte amparo.

Cultivo la rosa blanca
En junio como en enero
Para el amigo sincero
Que me da su mano franca.

Y para el cruel que me arranca
El corazón con que vivo
Cardo ni ortiga cultivo:
Cultivo la rosa blanca.

Yo sé de un pesar profundo
Entre las penas sin nombres:
La esclavitud de los hombres
Es la gran pena del mundo.

Con los pobres de la tierra
Quiero yo mi suerte echar,
El arroyo de la sierra
Me complace más que el mar.}


Les premiers ont chanté

{cfg}Une chan{c}son de la {f}véri{g}té,
c'est si {c}simple, {fg}mais il faut {c}bien
savoir {f}ce qu'on {g}chante, autre{c}ment
on perd {f}toutes les {g}notes de l'alpha{c}bet. {fg}

Mais qu'est-ce que tu {c}chantes? {fg}C'est si
{c}simple{fg}, je {f}chante simple{g}ment la
véri{c}té. {fg}Quoi? Il {c}faut, s'il te {f}plaît,
alors vrai{g}ment de la phyloso{c}phie. {fg}

Bien sûr, mémoire de {c}notes et de {f}l'alpha{g}bet,
c'est si {c}simple{fg}, mais il faut aussi sa{c}voir ce que
{f}signi{g}fie {a}, b, {c}, d, {e}, f, {g}. Sa signifie {c}quoi? {fg}
C'est si {c}simple{fg}, premières {c}lettres de {f}l'alpha{g}bet,
l'humani{c}té avant d'é{f}crire a chan{g}té et parlé seule{c}ment. {fgc}

01/12/2013 & 15/11/2014

{Pas seulement ça, même dessiné}


Nature - Green, Yellow or White 

{d}Green Valley... let's try to {a}sing it now
that we {g}need a self-con{d}trol for {a}colours
of {g}our {d}country, no more {a}red or black without
the {g}colours of {d}'Nature - Green, {a}Yellow or White',
{g}spring & {d}summer time, {a}autumn & {g}winter {d}time!

Yes, we really {g}need not only {d}self-control for
the {a}colours of {g}our {d}country & will of {a}nature
for {g}our {d}health - Yes, do it, no more {a}red or black
without {g}colours of {d}nature for the {a}health of country
& the {g}rest of our {d}world: {a}Task & {g}Will of {d}Nature!

26/11/2013 & 06/12/2014

{Yes, Pascoli, no more colours of political parties only, like now yet}


C'est à vous, enfants de la patrie

{g}Allons, en{c}fants de toute le monde,
les jours de {g}gloire sont arri{c}vés,
il y a des choses qu'il faut {g}dire,
des autres mêmes à chan{c}ter.

C'est à vous, toutes en{g}fants,
enfants de toute le {c}monde,
De Dire Et De Chan{g}ter
Que La Vie Est Toute
{c}Vôtre, vraiment.

{g}Allons, en{c}fants de toute le monde,
les jours de {g}gloire sont arri{c}vés...

Pas Plus De Tyra{g}nnie,
Tyrannie De Les A{c}dultes,
qui font pensant seule{g}ment
aux affaires des porte{c}feuilles,
pas vraiment, comme {g}vous, au
besoins de toute le {c}monde, voilà.

{g}Allons, en{c}fants de toute le monde,
les jours de {g}gloire sont arri{c}vés, oui,
si l'his{g}toire sera comme {c}vous êtes...

23/11/2013 & 08/12/2014


Ask What You Can Do For Her

{c}What about to {a-}write a song a{d7}bout? {g7}
{c}Do you mean the {a-}words of 6{d7}1? {g7}Yes, Sir:

"Ask not {c}what your {a-}country can {d7}do for {g7}you;
{c}ask what {a-}you can {d7}do {g7}for your {c}country." {a-d7g7}

And {c}what are we {a-}doing now? {d7g7} Only
{c}singing a {a-}song. {d7g7}For your {c}country? {a-d7}
{g7}No... Don't {c}worry, {a-d7g7}be in ac{c}tivity{a-d7g7}, even

{c}This is {a-}yet to {d7}do {g7}something for {c}people... {a-d7g7}
Can even be, I {c}really {a-}needed to {d7}sing {g7}your {c}words! {a-d7g7c}

20/11/2013 & 12/01/2016

{Dedicated to the great political know-how and aphorism of John Fitzgerald Kennedy}


These And Those... Yes, Sir... 

{d}Yes, sir, yes, it's {g}really a very nice i{d}dea
to {a}sing about the {g}story that Vespucci Ame{d}rigo
dis{a}couvered your {g}country, dear A{d}mericans, & {a}that
you wanted to keep his {g}first name for {a}your {g}United {d}States.

Clear, sir, sure, but {g}can you explain to {d}me
why we {a}do not say of 'A{g}meriGa' but 'A{d}meriCa'?

Sure, even {a}this is {g}possible to ex{d}plain by {a}difference of
dialects like {g}here in {d}Tuscany - when you hear a 'n{a}Ova' and
{g}not the Italian 'n{d}UOva', {a}meaning both also {g}here the {d}same.

It's {a}clear now, These And Those? {g}Yes, sir, thanks. {d}Same {g}to {d}you!

31/10/2013 & 12/10/2014

{AmeriGo in Toscana è AmeriCo, come quindi anche a nord dei fichi non d'India di allora}


Um {d}froh zu sein, be{g}darf es wenig

Und wer {a}froh ist, ist ein {d}König...

Jo, Primarschuel' Alte'burg, so {g}isch es,
aber au' ni't {a}ai'fach, {d}zwaiti Schtrofe:
Und wer {a}froh ist, hat auch {d}Ärger...

Momänt, das händ mir ni't g'sunge'...
Aber so isch es - Ni't ganz: Wer {g}
froh ist, hat's auch {d}lösbar - Yes:

'This Land is {g}your Land, this...'

This Planet is {g}your Land, this
Planet is {d}my Land, from {a}
rainy days to {d}Ocean, from
{g}there then to {d}Nature,
{a}Sun is {g}made for
you and {d}me...

15/10/2013 & 13/01/2016

{Thanks Woody Guthrie and Sunshine}


Nach 'em 35-jährige' Klasse'träffe'

I' de' {c}Bez, i' de' {a-}Bez, do {d7}sin'
mir {g7}dihai', iu{c}hee, iu{a-}haii, iu{d7}haii... {g7}
Wie bitte? A'h, {c}jo, scho' {a-}lang nöme{d7g7} - Genau.

Mo{c}mänt schnäll, {a-d7g7} waisch no', {c}wel'es {a-}Lied mir
{d7}g'lernt {g7}händ? Jo, {c}klar, 's {a-}erschte ond {d7}ainzige {g7}Lied,
das i' no' {c}'uswendig ond so{a-}gar 'uf {d7}Französisch {g7}cha'! {ca-d7g7}

'{c}Trois esqui{a-}mos, au{d7}tour d'un brasé{g7}ro, {c}écoutez....'

{g7}Hei, mir chönn' sogar no' {c}singe'{a-d7g7}. Jo, scho',
aber nöme' {c}15 sondern {a-}5{d7}1... {g7}Jo, aber n'it
d'Ghitarre{ca-d7g7}. A'so, guet. Liebi {c}Fröndinne' ond
{a-}Frönde{d7g7}, mir sind jo {c}wörkli' in {a-}Form gsi &
{d7}händ au' {g7}g'lernt; wie {c}jetz' no' schnäll, {a-}sorry!{d7g7c}

12/10/2013 & 11/12/2014